husband + wife + love for people/life/creativity + camera.

Jon and Melissa :: are a husband and wife wedding and portrait photography team located in the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland area, but we LOVE to travel. ;) We have a clean, contemporary, creative, fine art style of photography. We love to connect with each of our clients and fully capture each individual’s lifestyle and personality. And we love to have fun. :)

Jon :: has been a professional graphic designer since 2005, but he’s always had a secret love affair with photography. When he was fighting for weeks to get into a photography class in college, the professor finally signed him in due to having nightmares about Jon after telling him repeated times there was no room for him in the class. Jon now takes that as a sign that he and photography were star-crossed lovers that were meant to be together. His professor referred to him as “Mr. Persistent” for the rest of the semester, and now Jon continues to use that killer persistence to settle for nothing less than photos that rock.

Melissa :: encouraged Jon to give in to his craving for an amazing camera a couple of years ago, and ended up loving the big black beast as much as Jon did. After countless road trips and endless days stealing photos of our wild and crazy son, she discovered that she has a secret love affair with photography as well. After taking millions of photos of our own life and family, we’ve decided it’s time to start taking photos of your lives and families. It’s something we love too much to keep to ourselves!

We :: felt unqualified and underprepared when friends started asking for photo sessions and even more so when referrals started asking for package prices, but now we’re happy to be fully committed as photographers, especially because that means we get to share what we love with people who love good photography as much as we do. We have a lot to learn, and we’re excited to learn it. Luckily we each scored a rockin’ business partner in the process—we like each other, so it’s a pretty sweet benefit. And if you like us, we want to get to know you! Head to our contact page and shoot an email our way. We’d love to hear from you.

For the record, we love comments, ice cream, and friends, and we happily accept all of them.